You cannot fall asleep or have bad dreams.
You have experienced terrible things and the memory of them hurts a lot.
You are worried about your children.
You cannot concentrate and often forget things.
You do not enjoy life and beautiful things, everything is difficult for you.

Are experiences in your home country or in flight the reason for your situation?
For example, war or torture?

There is help for you. For example at Refugio in Bremen and Bremerhaven.
Refugio takes care of refugees in this situation.

It is possible to receive psychotherapy or counselling free of charge at Refugio. We are supported by experienced interpreters.
In psychotherapy you can talk about your problems. These conversations remain
confidential. We consider together: What helps you with your problems?

Refugio is a safe place.

Refugio is a psychosocial counselling and treatment centre for refugees and victims of torture in Bremerhaven and Bremen.

Registrations are possible four times a year.

Phone: 0421 1766770